5-Step Guide to Choosing a Solar Panel Installation Company

Choosing the right solar panel installation company may be the most difficult aspect of your solar purchasing procedure. And it is critical to properly assess a solar installer to choose the best one for your needs. But how would you pick from the hundreds of solar companies in your country? First, let’s look at the many sorts of solar firms you can come across on your “getting solar” quest.

5 Steps to Choosing a Solar Company 

Your choice of solar installation is important! There are several solar power firms with well-trained and experienced employees. If you’re overwhelmed by your options or don’t know where to begin, this step-by-step guide can assist. Allow us to be your guide in locating the best solar energy source for your requirements.

Get Multiple Quotes from Solar Companies

Commercial solar panel contractors charge varying rates for solar systems, with cost-per-watt being the most frequent and simple method. To ensure that the pricing you receive is competitive, call as many solar providers as possible and obtain several solar quotations.

Going solar is a significant investment in your house, and selecting a trustworthy solar firm that provides a positive post-installation experience is crucial. Solar businesses will plan a visit to your property to precisely determine pricing. The top installers will work with you to understand how solar fits into your house or business’s solar energy system.

Choose a Solar Company with Expertise

Your installer should be a solar panel installation company professional. The easiest method to determine your company’s standard is whether they have passed the NABCEP test and have at least two years of hands-on experience in solar or a similar sector.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the greatest national standard certification program available right now, and the top solar installers are certified by it (NABCEP). You may also look at solar business reviews, especially for companies that lack NABCEP certification.

Although the sales consultant is not normally NABCEP qualified, it is a good practice to have at least one fully NABCEP-trained technician on the team. However, if the NABCEP accreditation is not present, go with experience.

Examine whether the solar company is licensed and insured.

Solar installation businesses should have the necessary business licenses and insurance policies, or at the very least a C-10 license, which is a general electrical contractor’s license. Make assured that they are permitted to work on your system’s wiring and electrical components.

General contracting, electrician, home improvement, and home performance contracting licenses are common for solar installation. Additionally, installers must have general liability insurance and be OSHA certified

Check their Track Record and Experience

Solar power is a booming business that attracts a varied range of experts. Finding a solar panel installation with a lot of expertise and a consistent work history might be difficult, but it comes with a big benefit. You want to ensure that your solar provider will not abandon your project before it is completed.

And, more significantly, one that will be used long after the job is over. What is most important for a pleasant solar panel installation experience is not the solar installation itself. However, the following solar panel installation service. A solar vendor should also be able to supply and demonstrate systems installed for past clients.

Assess their Reputation and Credibility

Speaking with prior clients or viewing their previous work is the greatest approach to assessing a solar company’s reputation. Yelp, BBB, Google, Solar Reviews, and Energy Sage are all sites that can give insight into your solar installer’s reputation and legitimacy.


Reviews from previous clients of solar companies are a fantastic tool to evaluate installers. Customers who leave ratings and reviews may be representational relevant to you and can offer you a heads-up about your installer’s poor behavior. If you noticed a trend of consumer complaints, you should likely deal with a different installation.


When looking for a solar panel installation company, you should have a solid idea of the sort of company you want to work with, the pricing, and strategies to filter down your options. It is also critical to locate a solar installer that helps answer your questions and who you can trust to install solar panels on your roof. With these seven steps in mind, you may locate a superb solar provider that offers both cheap cost and high-quality solar installation.

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